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The Signature Equity Income Series

The Signature Equity Income Series is a group of portfolios whose unifying theme and overarching goal is to create a stable and growing income stream primarily from the dividends of common stocks.

The current lineup includes:

  • The Signature Equity Income

    Our core offering comprised of companies that typically pay a dividend yield higher than that of ‘the market” average. They also have a history of growing their dividend, although that growth is secondary to current income. This Equity Income Strategy is typically paired with a portfolio of individual bonds for risk mitigation as well as additional income.

  • The Signature Total Income Strategy

    This portfolio is an asset allocated version of the Signature Equity Income Strategy. It contains all of the stocks (and ancillary funds) of the Equity Income Strategy and enhances them with primarily fixed income Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’S) to balance out risk and volatility all within one portfolio.

  • The Signature Rising Dividend Strategy

    This portfolio utilizes the same principle as our Equity Income Strategy; investing in common stocks that generate dividends. However, the balance between current income and growth of income is weighted more in favor of dividend growth over time. This program is typically more appropriate either for younger investors who have higher risk tolerance and longer time horizons or accounts such as Roth IRA’s that are usually a smaller portion of a client’s total wealth.